Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I Did on Sunday

I just started working on my ROD (Remains of the Day) journal for the road trip I just returned from. I mentioned earlier that I didn't have a chance to create a journal before I left. It is kind of working out well, though. Now I can pick and choose from my grocery sized bag of ephemera. I can also print out some of the thousands of photos and include those, too.

I look forward to filling it up soon!

I took a nice fall walk today, too. I thought I'd share a few photos with you. Fall is such a beautiful time of year here in Minnesota.

This milkweed plant has some interesting orange beetles and bugs on it. I didn't notice them until I was at home studying my photo. How cool!


risa said...

It was a beautiful weekend in the Twin Cities...only wish we had this weather about 9 months out of the year (instead of barely 3)!

Lynn Fisher said...

I love this time of year too! Biking weather, that's what I like.
Your project turned out so well! Gorgeous!


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