Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goodies I Picked Up at the Supply Swap

I almost forgot to show you all of the great stuff I picked up from the supply swap on Monday. Suzanne is a high school art teacher. She brought a stack of painted papers. She said that she has so many drawers full of it at home, that it was time to get rid of some. I happily took it off of her hands!
Second, I picked up a bag of zippers. The bag is labeled "old zippers". How could I resist?
Third, I picked up a baggie full of rubber stamps that have words about mail art and other cool stuff that I like.
Finally, the black box you see belonged to Roz. She placed a label on top of the box stating that whomever chooses the box must email her with details about how we use it (because she's curious). Also, inside there is a fuzzy red insert. On top of that was a dead dragonfly in a baggie. The owner of the box is instructed to draw the dragonfly (Roz is always telling us to draw) and send her a photo of our drawing. So, I will put it on my TO DO list. I'll share the drawing on this blog as well. What treasures have you picked up lately? Have you ever participated in an art supply swap? How about a swap through the mail?

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Anonymous said...

ooohhhh, so sorry I missed the meeting! love your 'prom' pictures in the previous post!! hope all is well!


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