Monday, October 11, 2010

Remains of the Day Travel Journal from Road Trip Out West

This is a narrated video of my Remains of the Day style travel journal from my 11 day road trip to the Pacific Northwest this fall. I haven't done the journaling part yet, only the cover and signatures. I hope you enjoy! If you watch the video, I'd really appreciate any kind of positive feedback you might have to share! Thank you for visiting my blog today!
Tip: If you can't see the full frame, just click on the video and watch it from the YouTube site!


oneartistjournal said...

It's awesome...I love it, so full of surprises...Great video..

Briana said...

Yay! Thanks, Orly! You are so good about posting positive comments. Thank you, thank you!

Victoria Bolton said...

Great journal, and video. Thanks for sharing. I love the big rick-rack on your tie, too. Looking forward to seeing what you put on these pages.

jill-o said...

Looks like a great start. lots of pages just waiting to be added to. very nice structure to start with. I had no sound to hear your narration so I will have to view it again from a computer with speakers. I am so anxious to see what you add to it!


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