Saturday, October 9, 2010


Some of the thoughts I kept in my head while on vacation had a lot to do with the book series Twilight. I admit that I read all of the books and have so far seen all of the movies that go with them. I of course enjoyed the books much better, but the movies did provide some amazing scenery that was not too far off from the real thing.

When my husband and I were driving through northern Washington, I started seeing scenes from the movies in my head. I saw the fast cars zooming through the mysterious forest roads that curved back and forth quickly. I was living a "twilight moment". My husband was driving kind of fast on the curvy roads. He of course was abiding by all traffic laws, but it just felt fast, as we do not have super curvy roads like that in Minnesota. Anyway, we stopped in Port Angeles for lunch one day. I was hoping to see Jacob and his clan, but I didn't. I did however see a gigantic totem pole that was in the process of being carved. That was pretty amazing! I also ate a crab cake sandwich that was killer!

In case you end up in Washington around Forks or Port Angeles, you'll have plenty of chances to visit a store called "Dazzled by Twilight". I did not go into such a store, but I saw several near the road.
By the way, do you still think about Edward or Jacob? Which character do you prefer and why?

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The Dreaming Bear said...

I must sheepishly admit that I haven't seen the movies yet...they are on my list. But my teen, she LOVES all of the books and movies. But she and I would both agree with you about crab cake sandwiches! LOVE them. Yum.


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