Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Inspires Art

I was reading Roz's latest post this morning on her blog Roz Wound Up. She titled the post "What Calls To You For Attention?" Her post talked about journaling, and drawing, and how scary it can be to draw. She understands why people ask, "What should I draw?" However, she is encouraging people to ask a different question. She'd rather have people ask, "What compels me to draw it?" I love this question. I had that exact feeling of being compelled to draw when I was walking through the fall forest with my husband yesterday. I saw details of leaves changing colors. I saw reflections of trees on the river's surface. And then I saw the lines that the almost silhouetted trees were making. I saw those wavy, top to bottom, some thick, some thin, lines coming down from the sky. They made me want to draw them. If only I had had my drawing tools and journal with me! I did, however, have my camera. So today, inspired by nature (and Roz's post), I will draw those trees!

Also, I have a surprise coming up, so stay tuned.

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