Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day of the Dead is NOT Halloween

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When I was young, I used to live in Texas. As you may know many people of Mexican descent live in Texas, also, as the border of Mexico touches that of Texas. I have been drawn to Mexican textiles and traditions due to my exposure to them, as well as for their colors and design. Soon, on November 1st, many people will be celebrating All Saint's Day. Then the Day of the Dead or All Soul's Day celebration will follow on November 2nd. I know I am not the only artist who enjoys the art and decorations of Day of the Dead. Karen Michel shared two Day of the Dead color sheets for children (or adults) on her blog here. Also, to find out more about the history of All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day/Day of the Dead/Dias de los Muertos, just click on the underlined words above, where you'll be linked to Wikipedia.
On flickr you can find a bunch of amazing, authentic photos of people in costume for Day of the Dead. An example is this gallery here. Another great set can be found here. To see images from the full event, not just face paint and costumes, view a wonderful flickr set here.
If it feels right, this could be a good time to honor your loved ones and ancestors who have passed on. Day of the Dead is not the same as Halloween. Instead it IS a time to send love and respect to those who have died. The only part that is the same between the two holidays is that people may be dressed in costume, eating festive food.
Sending peace and love to all who have been lost and to all who are still grieving.

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