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Creative Intentions Issue No. 11

Welcome to the eleventh issue of Creative Intentions. With this newsletter, I hope to inspire all creative types to learn about their personal creativity and how to grow from their creative work. Each week, for twelve weeks, you can look forward to a feature article with information, tips and ideas surrounding the realm of creativity. This is week eleven, so next week will be the last issue!!! If you are interested in having a PDF collection of all twelve newsletters, please send me an email, so I can gauge how many would be interested. Thanks in advance! Without further ado, here’s issue eleven . . .

Feature Article Topic:

Creative Practice

Upon hearing “creative practice”, you might panic and think that means something has to be done everyday, and there just isn’t time, is there? It is true that we live in a modern age of technology and materialism, but in order to maintain balance and a healthy lifestyle, it is important to slow down every now and again. Creative practice can be many things. It can be spending time in nature, drawing in a sketchbook, taking photographs, scrapbooking, creating a collage, or perhaps a combination of these. What is important to know is that if you engage in a creative practice on a regular basis, you will feel a deepened sense of well-being. What this practice does is gets your body, mind and spirit in touch. Unfortunately, we tend to think of these parts of ourselves as being separate, rather than simply part of the whole. But when we create, we move beyond our normal realm of thinking and feeling, and we open ourselves up to something greater. Cathy Malchiodi, author of The Soul’s Palette, wrote, “Transformation is a process that involves positive, long-term change, and practice is the seedbed where the miracle of transformation takes place” (p. 34).


This week, especially as emotions might be running high as the school year is about to begin, try partaking in some creative practices. Notice how creating helps you to get in touch with your deeper emotions and perhaps your spirit. Is there a particular creative practice that you do already? Are you satisfied with it? If not, what would you like to change?


August 30th, 2010 Issue No. 12 will feature an article called

For the Love of Creativity

May a creative practice beckon you this week!

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