Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Artist's Books

I have a whole rekindled passion for artist's books. What is an artist book, you ask? Well, you can find a lot of great information about them here.
My rekindled passion came to me on Monday of this week, when I attended my monthly Visual Journal Collective meeting. The presenter at this particular meeting was the artistic director of the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts, Jeff Rathermel. Roz posted a photo of his work on her blog here. He was very generous in that he brought about 30 artists' books from his personal collection. He talked about each one, then allowed us to pass them around the room. It was such a treat. It was hugely inspiring to me. It rekindled something deep within. We'll see if I can stick with that feeling of inspiration and run with it! I hope I can. I will post some photos from the meeting on the blog tomorrow, so check back in the evening!
For now, I'll leave you with some images from Google.
By the way, Jody Williams is an artist and teacher who has done very well with her artist's books. You can see some of her work here.


lauren carney said...

Well isn't this a whole lot of loveliness wrapped up in a splendid blog!
I'm enjoying all the fanciful photos you have on display!
thank-you for sharing the inspiration!

Amelia said...

I too love artists books . . I want to do a workshop at the moment to learn more. Thanks for the follow too :)



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