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Creative Intentions Issue No. 10

Welcome to the tenth issue of Creative Intentions. With this newsletter, I hope to inspire all creative types to learn about their personal creativity and how to grow from their creative work. Each week, for twelve weeks, you can look forward to a feature article with information, tips and ideas surrounding the realm of creativity.

Feature Article Topic:

Creativity and Awareness

If you’ve ever been around a child, you’ve noticed how everything is new and exciting to them. Spending time with children helps one to become aware of the present moment. That is one of the many gifts children bring to adults. If you aren’t able to be around children, you can still open yourself up and become aware. In Zen Buddhism there is the concept of beginner’s mind, where you are to approach something as you’ve never seen or done it before. This helps bring about awareness and fosters being present in the moment. So why is it so important to be aware when you are creating? What does being aware and present look like in the midst of creating? If you are a painter, you are aware of the textures, colors, and smells of your materials. If you are a wood carver, you are aware of the grain of the wood, the smell of that particular tree, etc. Being aware of these things helps to make a better product, or at least makes the process more interesting. You might even try to be aware of the significance or symbolism of what you are creating in order to experience the deeper meaning of your work. On the flip side, you might try to become aware of your resistance to creating. Becoming conscious of the reasons behind a creative block may be just what you need in order to push through the block and move to creative freedom.


Have you been putting off doing your creative work lately? Are you aware of what is stopping you? If not, close your eyes and ask yourself what is stopping you. Listen to what your inner voice has to say.

The next time you are engaged your creative endeavor of choice, try to really become aware of your materials, how they work to create your final product, and the beauty they contribute to the wonderful process of your art making.


August 23, 2010 Issue No. 11 will feature an article on

Creative Practice

May you open yourself up to the present moment in the act of creating and all that you do this week!

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1 comment:

Monica said...

oh yes! awareness makes all the difference in this life.

i don't need to remind myself when creating, because i naturally become lost in the work. and i what i love is the movement of the brush or the feel or a paper. i guess that's what being an artist is about.

great reminder.


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