Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art Fair Weekend Featured Artist #6 -Brenna Busse

I have had the pleasure of meeting Brenna Busse in person, where she was the keynote speaker at a women's retreat, this past spring. She is full of charisma, charm, and genuine "art-i-ness". She was intently talking to another visitor when I stopped by her booth at the Powderhorn Art Fair this past weekend, so I simply snapped a few shots of her dolls to share with you here. I adore her new garden stakes. At least I had never seen them before. I imagine she uses clay to create them, as she does the faces of her spirit dolls. Each doll is unique, and has its own special name. She believes strongly in the power of creativity and is grateful to have become the artist that she is today. She had a really great experience with a mentor through an organization called WARM, which you can find more about here.

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rosemaryriskin said...

Very insightful Photos of the Art Fair. They capture the energy and joy of the event, both by artist and by customer. Thanks for sharing!!! R. Riskin


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