Monday, August 9, 2010

Art Fair Weekend Featured Artist #4 -Kendra Krumpe

This is Kendra. She makes the "raddest" bags on the block! She hand dyes her own fabric, then sews bags that are REVERSIBLE! They have flaps with a handmade polymer clay weight. Seriously awesome, I say! She says that she is moving on from bags to children's clothing, so if you want a bag, you better go to one of her art shows soon! You can find more info about Kendra and her creative process on her website. I recommend clicking on the "studios" link, where you'll find 13 photos of her working step-by-step on her bags.

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Connie Mettler said...

Good job here with Kendra's story. Thanks for featuring artists from art fairs -- a tough, exciting and sometimes financially rewarding existence.

You might visit my community of artists at to keep the arts alive online.


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