Friday, December 10, 2010

A Tow Truck Starts the Day

So, there is my car waiting to be pulled up onto a flatbed tow truck.  I had to wait an hour before it got there.  It was only 16 degrees out.  I had my coffee to drink, which kept me warm on the inside, but my pinky fingers were starting to get cranky.   Luckily my husband finally heard his phone, which I had unfortunately placed a pillow on top of before I left for work in the morning.  He came and waited for half the time with me.  I warmed right up in his truck.  Don't you just love when your day starts out with a surprise!  The good news is that my car isn't totally ruined.  It wasn't an easy fix, and it took several trips to and from the auto parts store, but it is now drivable again.  Yippy.  Thank you, Sweetie!  Tell me a good story about your Friday!

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The Dreaming Bear said...

Oh dear....sorry you had such a start to your Friday. Good thing you have such a sweet hubby who can help you in a pickle! My Friday was really busy! We have a little gift shop...and it was a beautiful day, so folks were getting their holiday shopping done. Yay!!!


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