Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowy Minnesota (Altered Photos)

It is snowing buckets today in Minnesota.  I tried to take a few
photos, but it was so snowy, it was hard to get a good shot
without getting my camera all wet!
I decided to try uploading to flickr and make some changes
using Picnik.  I know that some of the images are a bit
extreme.  I was having fun.  Enjoy!

Snow in the Trees
Can you see the little puffs of snow in the branches?
(Dual Tone in Picnik).

Maple and Bird Feeder in Snow
This photo uses the neon effect in Picnik via Flickr.
It is a photo of our maple tree and bird feeder.

Footprint in the Snow
My footprint on the back step.

Red Door in the Snow
Red door with snow flakes falling.

Pine Trees on a Snowy Day
This photo uses the HDR-ish effect via Picnik.

Orange Beads and Wire
Simple.  Beautiful.  And Orange.

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