Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Beautiful Combination of Glass and Metal

At Gallery 360 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, there is a back room gallery space. When I was at the shop a few weeks ago, the art of Steve Pflipsen and Katia Pflipsen Olivova was being featured. There are a husband and wife team. He is a glass blower and she does metal work. They decided to combine their talents, and what was created is breath taking. You can find their Etsy Shop here. To see videos of their glass blowing process, you can watch them in action here. Enjoy the show!


Barbara said...

Wow, very cool! thank you for posting on the shows at 360, I miss going to see all the inspiring art! You have a really great blog, Briana!

Briana said...

Thank you Barbara! So glad you stopped by!


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