Sunday, December 12, 2010 Wish List (Art Books)

Sharing Stitches-Don't you just love the title?  I love the idea of swapping or sharing art with friends.  I haven't seen this book, but it is getting good reviews on  I would love to have it.  I think just having such books on your shelf can make amazing things happen (like an art swap)!   =)

Uniquely Felt  I recently just finished up an online class with Emily Falconbridge and Nicole from Australia, called Felt-a-licious.  The class was really good, but left me wanting more.  (They warned of this happening-felting is addictive, you see).  I decided to check out what books might be available on the subject of felting.  This one has a high rating and looks interesting.  Emily and Nicole are planning another felting class for January/February 2011, so stay tuned in to their blogs for info.

Little Birds  I just love birds, don't you?  This looks like a really fun book.  I like the 3-D element.

Unfurling:  Creative Exercises and Ideas for Blossoming as an Artist   The very talented Misty Mawn is coming out with a book in 2011.  I cannot wait for it to be released!  I am really excited to be taking her class Stretching Within in January, so hopefully that will keep me subsided until Unfurling comes out.

My wish list is really long and so I will stop here for now.

What books are on your wish list?

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