Sunday, July 18, 2010

Northern Flicker Photos from my BACKYARD


I was looking through binoculars and then decided to try some ttv shots. They turned out very much to my liking. This is what happens when the cats are still inside! I also saw other woodpeckers, blue jays, lots of squirrels, a chipmunk, and a flock of blue jays chasing a hawk! Pretty awesome bird watching morning all from my kitchen window! Love it! To hear the call of a Northern Flicker, go here.
Note: View the comments to see an explanation of TTV.


Lynn said...

Awesome photos of the Flickers, thay are one of my favorite birds...they're so gentle. Can't you explain the photos...I don't think I've heard of TTV.

Briana said...

Hi Lynn,
TTV means "through the viewfinder". I put my digital camera lens up to the place where I would normally put my eye on the binoculars. It took some wiggling around, but I finally was able to get a clear picture through the viewfinder of the binoculars, while taking photos with my digital camera. It is a really fun thing to try. My favorite part is the black circle that often happens on the outside edges of the photo. That is from the round shape of the binoculars. You can also do TTV shots through the viewfinder of a second camera. Binoculars just have the extra bonus of zooming in.


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