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Creative Intentions Issue No. 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of Creative Intentions. With this newsletter, I hope to inspire all creative types to learn about their personal creativity and how to grow from their creative work. Each week, for twelve weeks, you can look forward to a feature article with information, tips and ideas surrounding the realm of creativity.

Feature Article Topic:

Creativity and Renewal

In Minnesota, April is the month where signs of spring start to peek out from the earth, from the trees and speak through the wind. As we open our windows, bird songs are heard loud and clear, including the high-pitched screechy songs of baby birds. The sun feels warm and good as we dress in fewer layers. All of this seems like an invitation to a fresh start, a time for renewal. But how do we release the darkness that we’ve been holding? How do we enjoy this gift of spring or summer? One reply is, “Through creativity”. Each of us has inner creativity, and each of us will tap this inner creativity in our own way. When we access this inner creativity and let it out, we feel very deep, meaningful, and powerful experiences. Through the process of these experiences, we are better able to understand what has been bothering us, and we are able to release the darkness we’ve been carrying inside.

This process isn’t necessarily easy, though sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. One way to help you get started is simply to sit quietly and breathe. Once relaxed, begin to create. You want to center yourself enough to be able to focus on what you need to let go of. If you are too wound up to sit, then just get out some paper and scribble on it. This provides a very satisfying release. This approach is good for those who have difficulty identifying their needs. However, the more you release through scribbling or whichever technique you choose, you are breaking through layers, and the truth will eventually come. In either scenario, it feels good to let go. Our whole being responds well to a needed release of energy. Our creative work renews us, our new understanding of ourselves renews us, being present renews us, and the wonder of nature renews us.


This week, I encourage you to paint wildly, write honestly and fervently, play music with passion, stomp and sway your body with feeling, sing whatever arrives when you allow your song to come out of your body. However you choose to release this energy, you will receive a renewal of energy in return for your efforts.

A terrific new book that is out that might help with releasing creativity through drawing is Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists by Carla Sonheim.

You can find the book on here

Her blog is

Carla was also recently interviewed on Fiber Arts and Mixed Media radio (FAMM) on July 1, 2010 about her new book. You can listen to the interview here


July 12th, 2010 Issue No. 5 will feature an article on

Creativity and Health

I wish you all a wonderful sense of renewal!

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