Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Hunt and Gather Experience

Happy July 4th Weekend to YOU!

Below are some images from a recent trip I took to the unique antique shop called Hunt and Gather. Their tagline is "Find your prize". I love it. There are many "prizes" to be found in this shop. I fell in love instantly. My friend Molly of The Found Recipe Box is who initially got me really intrigued to stop in. I went with my mom, who used to LOVE to drag her children to antique stores. Now I was dragging her to one!! Oh, how funny things change as we get older!!!!
These are the shop owners/operators. I think they must be sisters. Or at least good friends. Does anyone know their story? Anyway, I had a great time taking photos and gathering my "prizes". If you are an artist of any kind, or an antique collector, definitely check out this store in person!


Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Oh! I haven't been to that shop in awhile - you've inspired me to go back! Do you ever do the occasional sales in Buffalo (first weekend of every month during the summer). So fun.

Jennifer said...

I MUST GO!!!! OMG. :-)

Meant2B said...

I wish this place was in my town. i LOVE your colorful, random, full of life and stories!!

Johwey Redington said...

Ooooh, definitely a feast for the eyes. Where is this? :D

Briana said...

Hi Johwey,
This shop is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There is a link to the shop at the beginning of the blog post, in case you want to see the exact address. It is a really fun shop!


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