Saturday, January 23, 2010

Technical Difficulties and Giveaway

Hi Everyone,
I just spent hours taking pictures of my newly painted/printed papers and BAM!-technical difficulties occurred. What a disappointment. Oh well, I guess I'll try again once my battery is recharged!
However, I promised to post a giveaway today, so I will at least stick to my word about that. To enter to win the new Tegan and Sara cd called Sainthood, leave me a comment regarding my blog. Positive feedback is always welcome, but I accept constructive criticism as well. I will announce the winner of the Tegan and Sara cd on Monday morning. Good luck!
PS The cd I am giving away is brand new, still in the wrapper!


Jon said...

Well hot damn! I'm the first to comment on your technical difficulties. When you speak of recharging your battery are you speaking figuratively or of your camera's battery? I look forward to seeing your printed/painted paper when both you and the camera are charged.

Good Canadians those Tegan and Sara gals.

Malia said...

-can't wait to see your pics. You are the most creative soul I know, always looking at life through this lens gives you such a unique perspective I really enjoy!

Meg said...

I totally understand you. The cameras, PCs and other technical stuff seem not working only in those moments when you really need them, soo typical! Hope it's ok by now :)

I'm pretty curious about your printed papers!

Love your blog!

Digital Misfit said...

Your papers are gorgeous! I am glad you were able to work out the technical difficulties!
I love working in mixed media.
Your blog is great - but the template could use a bit of excitement. Basic blogger backgrounds don't offer much in the way of personality. Something like this or this would look nice with your colors and mixed media artist theme.

hugs :)


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