Thursday, January 21, 2010

Painted Paper Night

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Just thought I'd share what a glorious time I had last night painting paper in my studio! I was feeling tired, and I almost went and turned on the t.v. (which is rare for me). Thankfully I thought of Roz Stendahl's recent comment on her blog stating, "You are never too tired to journal". Though I didn't end up working in my journal, I still made art. I was working on the recent technique from LK Ludwig's online class, Painted Printed Patterned Paper. LK taught her students the technique of monoprinting on a tray of unflavored gelatin. Now, I don't like to cook, even making jello is a stretch for me, but in the name of art making, I am proud to say that I DID IT! Silly thing to be proud of, I know, but I am so glad to have learned and tried this technique. I have always been a fan of monoprinting, and this gelatin thing adds a whole new flavor. I wished I had taken photos of my process last night, but my hands were full of paint for a good 2.5 hours. Perhaps I'll have some time to show you some of the papers tonight after work. Have a beautiful day!
PS From doing a quick search on Google, I found this artist who shows a couple of her monoprints on her blog.

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Lynn Fisher said...

Thanks for the link...beautiful monoprint. You could do a "how to" on your blog???????


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