Sunday, January 3, 2010

Real TTV shots from summer '09

The two above shots are taken through a straw.

I showed my husband the ttv stuff I was working on today and he said, "Oh that reminds me . . ." He took these of me this past summer when I was talking to him then about ttv pictures. He used my digital camera and his cell phone camera. Pretty neat, eh?


Lynn Fisher said...

Those camera shots are did you do them? (and, of course, I also don't know what TTV is)

Briana said...

Here is my understanding of a ttv (through the viewfinder) shot. You use the viewfinder of one camera through the viewfinder of a second camera to get a distorted and unusual photo. So we used a cell phone viewfinder up against a digital camera viewfinder and snapped the photo.


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