Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Art Journal

This is what I did this evening. I actually sewed and glued the yellow fabric onto the page yesterday. I added the photo, paint, and text tonight. Basically, it just feels so damn good to make art, especially when it is my own!
I almost used a spray fixative since I wrote in pencil, but that stuff scares me. It says to use it in 70-80 degree temperatures, so going outside to spray in the 0 degree weather we have tonight didn't sound like a good idea. Perhaps I could put some gel medium over it? Let me know if you have any tips for non-toxic fixative solutions.
I hope you have a great night. Happy journaling to YOU!

1 comment:

misty said...

so happy you are joining in, love your page!!!

You could put some gel medium over it, but it could cloud it a little, you could spray it with fixative in the attic if you have one, or you could use dorlands wax on it, which i love, it's a great sealer, you apply it like a car wax and once it is dry (2-3 days) you can buff it and make it shine... it's basically a beeswax.


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