Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Journaling Day # 2

Here are a couple of pages from my journal tonight. For me it is day 2 of Misty Mawn's January Journaling challenge. A funny thing happened today at work. I said, "I thought I had a folk -n- fairy tales teaching book!" Both me and my coworker started cracking up after I said it.
Do you get it? If not, that is alright. It was really funny at the time.
So, that is where I came up with the question on my journal page, "Aren't all people's lives folk-n-fairy tales?" It has been so long since I had to think about plural possessives that I screwed it up. I realized this as I was scanning the journal pages. Oh well. I guess it is alright to make mistakes in your journal!


Hashi said...

Yes it's absolutely all right to make mistakes in your own journal. Love your "folk-'n" story!

Buffy said...

Too funny,i love your journal pages,especially the colors you used.Look forward to seeing some more.

donna said...

I totally love these pages!

Briana said...

Thanks, ladies. I will post more pages this weekend!


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