Monday, January 10, 2011

Photos from the Weekend (Lots of Self-Portraits)

This weekend I wanted to clean up my art studio.  I accomplished one small task, which was to shift and organize my art magazines.  I love Cloth Paper Scissors and nearly all of the Somerset Studio publications.  I can't wait to receive Artful Blogging in the mail for the February issue.  (My husband bought me a subscription in the fall for my birthday.)

I am continuing to learn more and more about the camera and apps on my iphone 4.  (Thank you LK Ludwig for your great iphone online class!!!)  I am in absolute heaven with all that I can do to alter the pics.  Please forgive the multitude of self-portraits in this post.  I was also trying to take different shots of my face so that I can draw it well for Misty Mawn's class Stretching Within.

Hope you are having fun doing something creative, too!  Let me know what it is!


Anonymous said...

I loved all these when I was checking my blog feed this morning, but just now got to come comment. What fun! I love my DSLR but I would really love a phone camera or something that takes fun pictures like this.

JD said...

Came across your blog while I was blog hopping..Love the self-portraits..Did you use a phone camera? Or a certain app? I'm curious!

Briana said...

Thanks for your comments ladies!
JD, yes I used my phone camera + apps for these. Honestly, I was playing around so much, I don't recall which apps I used. A couple I really like are Infinicam and Hipstamatic. Have fun! I'll check you blog again soon!


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