Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Making an Igloo

My engineer-minded, nature lovin' husband came up with the idea that he'd like to make an igloo.  He read some things online here, and away he went!  It was a fun and challenging process.  I even helped a little!  Oh, and I was the "resident" photographer-no pun intended (hee hee).


Reuben said...

awesome. That's really neat.

Briana said...

Thanks, Reuben!

Melissa said...

OMG! As a dyed in the wool southern girl, the pictures just make me shiver uncontrollably but when I finish with that, I think "How brilliant!" Tell hubby he's my hero for today. I love that he just got out there and did it. Oh, and that you helped (sort of) and then photographed it and published it so I could just enjoy the coolness (pun intended) of it all. Thanks!

Briana said...

Thanks, Melissa! It was a lot of fun!

wiebuecherinfremdersprache said...

my kids would love you guys like crazy for this. They tried to do one themselfes during the holdays, but without using a saw, ahem ;)

Thank you for your comment on my site. I really like your playful way of blogging and I think you're so brave showing all that you're experimenting with so freely!

See you in the classes!


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