Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Artwork from Today

This piece was inspired by Juliana Coles.  I was watching some of her 
videos over for the third or fourth time on YouTube.  I have been thinking about her 
lately, as she stated on the YahooGroup that she is having a difficult
time right now.  Send her some healing vibes!

Travel Plans

The sketches below are for Stretching Within with Misty Mawn.  It feels 
so good to be drawing and using my art supplies again!  I pulled out so
many things that I hadn't touched in years, like 15 years!!!!  Also, I love how
Juliana Coles says, "touch your stuff".  She is of course talking about 
art supplies.  It is so important.  I am feeling a huge freedom to just make
art and not WORRY about what happens.  I love online classes.  Thank
you wonderful teachers!  You are inspiring me to work!
Magnetic Pin Holder


Glass Jar

Just doodling here.
Owl face


Suzanne said...

Great stuff! The sketches are wonderful and the journal page is fabulous.

helen said...

I really like your drawings - you are good!


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