Monday, January 3, 2011

iphone 4 photos

I've been going a little crazy playing around with my new "toy".  I recently got an iphone 4 and I LOVE IT!  I can't believe technology and all that we have access to literally right in our pocket!  Poor high school teachers.  How do you manage to keep your students' attention?  
I have only had a little time to mess around with the photo apps.  I am learning a ton.  One thing I know for sure is that they are amazing!  I wish the camera was a little better, but small pictures look just fine.  I am also pleased to have one of my greatest mysteries solved from the blog world.  I couldn't figure out how all of these bloggers were posting such awesomely framed photos with such ease.  Granted if you know how to use Photoshop or some other editing software, you can do almost anything to your photos.  And, if you have an iphone, it is REALLY easy to take a picture, edit it quickly and post it on the internet.  What a beautiful blogging tool.  I still love my Canon PowerShot Digital Elph, so you won't be seeing only 5.0 megapixel iphone 4 shots on this blog.  However, you might get a few from the iphone in the near future as I continue to play and learn.  What's your favorite new art tool?  
I hope you all had a Happy New Year.  I think I said that in my last post, but it is worth saying again!


Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Fun! So, are there apps for the frames on the photos? I just have a 3G, so I think it's already behind the times. Sheesh.

Aaaaah! I can't decide which course(s) to take - there are so many. Sounds like you've chosen some great ones! I was thinking about both Mati's painting one and the Mondo Beyondo...and then there's a Soul Restoration one...and Louise Gale is doing one. Decisions, decisions.

Lynn Fisher said...

Awesome photos...I love them. I am so not in the 21st Century! Darn.


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