Saturday, September 1, 2012

Inspired by Summer SouLodge with Pixie Campbell

Pixie Campbell is an inspiring woman.  She has a new website called SouLodge where she posts information about her upcoming e-courses and gatherings.  Recently she finished up teaching her summer session of Summer SouLodge, and decided to post a FREE PDF on her site.  I have been soaking it up lately, and am feeling deeply connected to Spirit, just when I needed it most.
If you are someone who likes nature based ritual and ceremony, you'll love what Pixie offers.

I made a journal page after watching one of Pixie's Summer SouLodge videos.  Next I listened to her link of whale songs.  Wow!  What amazing creatures.  I haven't listened to them for a long, long time like this.  It was good to hear them again.

Now that I am in tune with my spirit, and feel grateful for Pixie's free pdf offering, I'd like to give something to you, too.
It's a piece of hand painted paper that you can download and print for use in your journal, scrapbook, or handmade cards.  Enjoy!  (Just click the image and save to your computer).

(Dimensions are roughly 7 x 10 inches)


Effy said...

Absolutely lovely "Swoon" contribution! I love Pixie, too, and am planning on doing her SouLodge year round next year. xo

~hali said...

You are the sweetest! Love your offering... and also that you dove right into Pixie's gift. I've had so many things come up about shadow work this summer, that I just *had* to sign up for her fall session. I can't wait! Much love to you and babe.

~hali said...

I love your offering - you are the sweetest! I love, too, that you dove right into Pixie's gift. I think I need to do the same. Actually, I've had so much shadow-work stuff come up this summer (in a beautiful way) that I just had to sign up for her fall session - I can't wait for it to start! Much love to you and babe.

Briana, MA said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Effy and Hali! Ya'll are the best!

rachel awes said...

pixie is indeed inspiring/lovely,
as are you...hope your summer has been wonderful xox

Introverted Art said...

I love the color palette one. How the colors are laid out in pure perfection.

Briana, MA said...

Rachel and Introverted Art,
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your comments fill me up!


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