Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Shower Day!!!!

Today was my family baby shower.  It was so fun!  My sister and mom did a great job of decorating with a Minnesota nature theme.  All of the food they prepared was wonderful, too.  We played one game, which had a Minnesota theme.  It was all about naming the Minnesota state flower, bird, grain, fruit, muffin, etc.  I didn't win the game, but I was just one point shy of the woman who did win!  I am pretty sure all guests had a nice time.  I feel so blessed for all of my lovely family who attended this event, physically or in spirit.  Our baby boy is very lucky.  I am feeling overwhelmingly grateful for all of the fantastic gifts we received today.  Thank you everyone!!!!

 The happy couple

 Mom, me, sister

  Mom, me, Mother-in-law

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Lynn Fisher said...

How fun is this! Congrats...and by the way, YUM!


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