Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Pregnant Me

I am feeling really good this weekend. I am so excited to meet our baby in the next two months or so. I know the time is going to fly. I am working hard on developing my small business to help support my little family. That is feeling really good, too. I have been a nesting and house cleaning maniac. There is still a lot more to do and organize, but the progress made thus far feels amazing. I hope things are good in your neck of the woods, wherever that may be. Blessings and peace to you.
PS. If you want to "Like" my new Facebook small business page, that would be awesome! You can find it at


Jennifer Richardson said...

giddy with yes
over these beautiful
pregnant moments
with you:)

rachel awes said...

oh my goodness!!!
on being pregnant!!
love to yous!!! xox


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