Friday, April 13, 2012

I Love the Visual Journal Collective

Here are some of the many reasons why I love being a part of the Visual Journal Collective that meets monthly at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts:
1.  It is extremely inspiring to see other people's visual journals.
2.  We talk about awesome stuff.
3.  Roz is Roz and I love her.

At the March meeting, Pat Baubien shared her travel journals with us.  Many of them were created during her visits to the North Shore and Grand Marais.  Oh, how I love it up there, too.  Her journals are amazing and so inspiring to look at.  Thanks, Pat, for showing us your work!  It's beautiful.

Pat's journals all spread out on the table.

Suzanne's sketchbook and paint.

Some Visual Journal Collective Peeps
I hope you enjoy Pat sharing her journals as much as the rest of us did.  It was heaven.

She even let us touch them and look through her journals on our own.  It was fantastic!

Happy Creating!!!!!


journalrat said...

Briana, you're so funny (Roz is Roz), but thank you. And THANK YOU for getting so many fabulous photos of Pat and her work and the group. I will add a link to the main post about the meeting and I'm also going to post about it this weekend. I'll let Pat know too because she isn't on the computer that often I gather.

Jennifer Richardson said... much fun
would that be!
I admire you guys
who keep up your art journals
so well.
beautiful stuff, that.

Lynn Fisher said...

Oh what fun it was...and Roz is Roz and I love her too!
Good to see you too my friend!


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