Monday, October 31, 2011

Where I Have Been Lately . . . Some Good, Some Bad

I have been reading devouring Goddess Leonie's new book 73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know.  Her book came just in time for me to face some difficulties this week.  I have a dear family member in the ICU, and another who was in Advanced Care at the same time.  I have been feeling really bummed out, so I decided I needed to follow Goddess Leonie's advice and make myself a green smoothie (pictured above).  You can find out more about green smoothies from Goddess Leonie's new book, and also from Day 18 of the World's Biggest Summit.  Daphne Cohn shares a video on how to make your own green smoothie.  The World's Biggest Summit is over, as of today, but I believe you can still sign up and have access to all of the fantastic interviews.  Some are mp3's and some are via video.  I have been listening to the recordings on my commute to and from work, and have found them extremely inspiring and well done.  Thank you Goddess Leonie for putting together the World's Biggest Summit!  It was awesome!!!

In the midst of the trauma and near tragedies of family members, I won tickets to a concert at First Avenue last Wednesday, via Radio K.  I had been really wanting to see the band Phantogram, since my sister introduced me to their music this past spring.  I was even thinking that tickets to a show would make a fantastic birthday present.  I didn't even know that they were coming to town when I put that thought out into the Universe.  Guess what?  They were coming to town, and I won tickets.  Guess who I took?  Yup, my awesome sister.  If you like techno/electronica, you'll like Phantogram.

As of yesterday, both family members are doing much better.  One is out of the hospital, and the one whose hand I am holding, is still in there.  It looks like she is going to make it, and we are all very happy to hear that news.
Hope you and yours are doing well.
Blessings to you,

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hali said...

I am devouring the very same book this week!!!! She is truly an inspiration - I love the section on Elders. Glad to hear things are looking up for you.


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