Monday, October 10, 2011

Ah . . . Photography, Collage, and Spirituality, All Together

Catherine Anderson is the author of the fantastic book called The Creative Photographer.  I mean, I REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK!  Today, on day 10 of The World's Biggest Summit, presented by Goddess Leonie Dawson, there was a video of Catherine Anderson talking about SoulCollage.  I've had mixed feelings about this process for some reason, but tonight, after watching Catherine's video, I was sold.  How could I not be?  I love collage, photography, and spirituality, so what is not to love about this SoulCollage process?  Perhaps I just didn't know enough about it.  Perhaps you are now interested as well.  If you are, there is a new version of the original SoulCollage book.  You can find it here on  Here is the video that just might inspire you to do a little SoulCollage.  Enjoy!  :)

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