Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trip Up North in Photos (Part 2)

 My husband really wanted me to wear this head piece to protect myself from the ravenous mosquitoes, but I declined.  I only allowed enough time to take a photo.  

 This is a wilted version of the Minnesota state flower:  The Pink Lady Slipper.

 My husband caught a snake on our hike through the woods.  

 Are eagles and ravens friends?  They seemed to be for the moment we saw them together on these branches.

 Do you see that rainbow?  It was an amazing phenomenon.  

 The is the bridge in Duluth, Minnesota that leads to Park Point.

 Don't you just love this business card?  I sure do.

 Pictured here are hand woven hammocks being sold at the Art Fair at Park Point, near Duluth, Minnesota last weekend.
 I fell in love with the art of Tatiana Oles.  One of the items I purchased from her might show up in some future projects I have up  my sleeve.


rachel awes said...

i just scrolled through your part one and two north pics//gorgeous! i just love our north!! the art fair looks like so much fun!! & i adore your pic w/the feather!
all beautiful!! xox

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

these photos are so great! feels like i'm there with you. the one with the feather is crazy cool!!!!

Robyn P. Thayer said...

Brianna! so much fun to see you Lake superior adventure! Thanks for sparking many fond memories! I like the new blog, good work!


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