Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ah, my cat is studying my artwork.  Isn't he sweet?

Just for fun, here are the Wet Ones used during my art making process.  The first two sets are in regular colors, then they are photographed using the "vivid" setting.
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I did a lot of self-reflection today.  It is a practice I used to be more on top of than I have been lately.  I believe strongly in the power of self-reflection as a means to stay connected to your inner self.  I love to create process-oriented art, then journal write about my process and what things came up for me.  Today, however, I sort of did things in reverse.  I did the journal writing, then the artwork.  The funny thing is, the messages were the same in each exercise.  The final message that came through in my artwork was “Truth resides on the inside”.  My journal writing revealed that I needed to look inward to find my truth.  Interesting, don’t you think?  This kind of insight is not surprising to me, however.  I firmly believe that these types of writing or art making exercises reveal great wisdom.  You just have to stay open enough for the messages to come through.  Do you agree?  Has this happened for you, too?  I’d love to hear your story, or if you’ve posted about this sort of thing on your blog, please leave a link to the post.  

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Lynn Fisher said...

What a reflection...and what a great place to reflect!


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