Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Butterfly Wing

I have been really noticing butterflies this past year.  I am drawn to them for their color, their "lightness" and "flitting" about, as well as their natural beauty.  
Yesterday, my husband and I took another hike at Wild River State Park.  He spotted a butterfly wing on the ground next to the path where we were walking.  Even though the mosquitoes were CRAZY, we stopped to take this picture.  I am so glad we did.
Sending you light, beauty, and fits of inspiration.

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Jennifer said...

what a lovely photo and message Briana! Instead of butterflies, mine has been Cardinals the last couple of years, mostly I think because we have a pair that nest in a tree next to our house. I never noticed them before one day when they both were on our deck railing, about 5 feet apart, calling to each other. Now, whenever I hear them, it makes me pause to remember the simple joy of love. :-) Have a great day!


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