Monday, November 15, 2010

Altered Photos (Digital Style)

This is a photo of trees that I took while on retreat with some female friends this past March. I placed the tree photo on top of one of my painted papers, but decreased the opacity. I am craving the knowledge for altering photos in "cool" ways. I am just messing around, as I really don't know what I am doing at this point. I long for something easy like an iPhone/iTouch with a camera and easy applications. Actions with one click in Photoshop Elements 8 would be nice to understand, too. Again, if you have any info for me, please SHARE!!!!

These are crab apples on top of one of my painted papers. The image below was inverted using Photoshop Elements 8. Computers make me crazy, but I love what they can do. I have so much yet to learn!!!!


helen said...

These images are great. I think Photoshop has lots of applications and you seem to have mastered a few. The applications on iPhone are nice too - as you see from my blog - I am 'hooked'. But I don't think they would allow you to create images as you have done. I especially like the one with the turquoise sky - since that is my favorite color.

Suzanne said...

One Photoshop book that I found both informative and inspirational is "Digital Art Revolution" by Scott Ligon. He has basic start from nothing lessons that build into creating fantastic things. His blog/website:
Check it out.


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