Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Pics

In case you'd like to see the kinds of turtles that we have here in Minnesota, I took a photo of this information board from inside Lake Maria State Park. This is where we spent part of Mother's Day this year. We had a fabulous picnic.

At Lake Maria State Park, there is a sign that caught my attention. It reads, "RARE TURTLE CROSSING". I just had to have a picture. I saw some turtles, but they were too far away to know if they were the rare ones.

I tried to catch the huge morning sun rising one day this week on my a.m. commute. The photo turned out kind of interesting as you can see the sun through my rear window, and the night driving rearview mirror.

Our good friend Erin came over to have some chill time this weekend.

This shot amazed me, as my husband is surrounded by a heart from the embers from our fire. (OOH, I love the symbolism here!)

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