Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day Celebration Photos (May 2nd)

We made it to the May Day festival, but not the parade yesterday. Here are some photos from our time there. I'm also including a slideshow of the parade. The slideshow is on flickr, and the photos were taken by Mark Wojahn. The photos in this post outside of the slideshow were all taken by me.

I liked the look of this group.

I think this band was called I Like You. They were great for this event.

This tiger beast was by far the most interesting one that I saw up close.

It was a terrific day for people watching.

Aren't these tiger boats the coolest? It is the year of the tiger, so there were a lot of tiger outfits, costumes, and beasts at the May Day festival yesterday.

Many people were in costume. Many people were on stilts (very impressive).

Powderhorn Park from the hilltop.

Bloomington Ave. and Lake St. is where it all began.

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