Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet the Creative Motivator

Hello! This is the Creative Motivator, part doll, part me, part Universal Energy, part SARK, perhaps?? She is the first needle felted doll I have ever made.

I am very proud of her nose.

The back of her head got a little flat, but I still like it.
Oh, and she has a tushie.

She also wears colorful clothing, like wide legged jeans.
She has boobies, too.
She is not complete yet. I like that she can be seated on a shelf, or even carried in a purse, as she is pretty flat and light weight.
It all started with this stuff, some felting needles, and a little sunshine and lemonade.
What creative projects have you been working on?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

that's a great doll! I have also been intrigued with felting, but have not tried it yet, been busy painting in my journals and doing a commission painting of a friends' favorite cat. :-)


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