Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Scarf

After seeing all of the long hippy dresses and scarves and shawls at the May Day festival, someone had to get a new "hippy scarf" from Target! (It was even on clearance). What sales have you scored lately? Post a comment and a link.
Have a great week!


Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Hi Briana!

I popped over from Kelly Rae's class to check out your blog. That May Day celebration looks amazing! One of my favorite places to shop is Ann Taylor Loft. I google Ann Taylor Loft coupon code and can usually get free shipping or a percentage off the total. Hope to see you in class!

Best Wishes,

getting stuff done said...

Hello lady - loving the new scarf! just popped over to say hi - am doing the flying lessons (and also the mondo beyondo - hum, perhaps I am becoming an e -course junky.... ?) and am really looking forward to it. xx Moyra

Briana said...

Hi Jenny and Moyra,
Thanks so much for dropping by! I will stop by your blogs soon!


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