Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Story About Crows

My mother is an artist.  One evening, when she was out in the city, she saw a murder of crows flock to Loring Park.  She was so taken by this event, she asked me to take some photographs for her to paint from.  So on a cold day in January, I walked around the park and took photographs in daylight, twilight, and dusk.  I wasn't prepared for the shift in weather, as just a day before, it had reached nearly 40 degrees.  But this day, it was in the teens, which is much more typical for January in Minnesota.  When it was dark, I was photographing right from my car, as it was freezing outside.  The wind and cold were making my fingers refuse to click the shutter, so in my car I went, blasting the heater.  Frantically warming my fingers, yet patiently waiting for the moment, I sat.  Then I heard them.  They were coming from many directions, and cawing loudly.  Now I was snapping pictures left and right, literally.  It was a truly amazing sight that lasted for about an hour.  

I will post more literal pictures of the crows flocking soon. I also hope to share my mom's paintings once she finishes them up.  
How has nature amazed you lately?


Robyn P. Thayer said...

Awesome crow photos.

Maggie said...

Love these photos ... I'm participating in "A River of Stones" this month, so I've been observing our trees with more care. Nature is just awe-some.


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