Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cats Like to Plan, Too

My cat decided that she really liked the idea of planning for the new year.  When I wasn't looking, she grabbed my pencil and planner and gave it her best shot.   

She decided that planning is exhausting.  She said that she'll leave it up to me to make sure that she gets enough kitty treats and love throughout the year.

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soraya nulliah said...

Dear Briana-I think BELIEVE is a great word...more of us need to oursELVES, the universe, life. And yes! snow does make everything so magical.
Hey...I really love your I Am Open post...especially since that is my word for 2012...I think it's good karma that I just read that post...thank you for that:)
A while back I also read about you and your husband trying to conceive...I deeply deeply send you all of my blessings and hope for bringing a little one into the world. xxx


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