Saturday, January 14, 2012

Artwork from Saturday

The self-portrait above, and the writing piece below are for Misty Mawn's Open Studio online class.  We are one week into the class and Misty has already provided her students with so much inspiration, technique, and fabulous assignments in a variety of media.  She is an impressive teacher.  I think we all feel pretty lucky to be in her class.

It's been a wild weekend so far.  Thank goodness for art spaces and time to create.
How is your weekend going?  


Calmil2 said...

Is your journal on a paperbag??? I LOVE it!!! Beautiful poetry too....don't you just love her class!!

Briana, MA said...

HI Calmil2! Thanks for your comment. The journal pages you see are on a greenish packing paper that arrived in a box for my husband. I love brown paper bags, but have never seen this color before. I immediately claimed the packing paper as my own for a journal. I am testing the waters, as I don't think it is meant to hold much water or paint. I applied gesso to the page before I added paint. So far, so good!


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