Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Painting

For the latest assignment in the online class Get Your Paint On, I was to try my hand at mixing colors.  The teachers warned:  DO NOT USE THE PAINT STRAIGHT OUT OF THE TUBE!  I was really tempted to, since I thought I found colors that were pretty decent matches.  However, I do like to learn, and color mixing is something that is good to practice. I found myself mixing the colors with a little Titanium White, or a little Mars Black.  Sometimes I needed to add a little Anthraquinone Blue

What colors do you have around you that you'd want to put in a painting?  If you are a painter, what colors of paint do you enjoy the most?

For further, totally awesome, I mean educational videos, on how to use Golden products, you can click here.  (I just discovered this tonight, and I am really excited!)


Simply Smith said...

great colors, and I love the circles! I am a HUGE fan of circles...not sure why, but I include them in most of my work!!!

Thinkie said...

it looks great!


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