Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moly_X: An International Moleskine Sketchbook Exchange

On Wednesday, I took my mom to Open Book in downtown Minneapolis, to listen to some artists who participated in a journal exchange.  The organizer, Marty Harris, was also there.  Some of the journals are on exhibit at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and it is amazing work!  I feel so blessed to have such a great facility where I live.  The exhibit will be up until March 6th, 2011, so boogie on downtown, if you can!

Recorded Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at MCBA in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Thank you Roz Stendahl for inviting Marty Harris and his guests to share their experience and artwork from Moly_X:  An International Moleskine Sketchbook Exchange.  It was a wonderful event to attend.  Thank you Marty, Tim, and Claudio for opening yourselves up and speaking honestly about your experience in this ongoing project.
For more information about Moly_X, go to the flickr site here.  You have to be invited to the group if you want to participate in an exchange.  Just send Marty a message via flickr.

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journalrat said...

Briana, I love this short video. It makes me smile as much as I did at the time. It was a very fun evening and I'm so glad you captured a bit of it on video! (And it was fun to meet your mom.)


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