Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Huge Adventure Photos Part 1-Rain Forest and Washington Coast

For those of you who do not know, my husband and I just got home from an 11 day road trip to the west coast. We drove through 9 states in all. We visited many national parks and the city of Portland. It was a spectacular trip. I am so excited to share some it here with you through photos. I plan to make a ROD journal post vacation. Not sure if people usually do things that way, but I collected many things, and did not have time prior to leaving on vacation to make my journal. As that project gets under way, I'll share it with you here, too.

These photos were taken in Olympic National Park in Washington.

We were crazy enough to camp in the rain forest. Guess what? It rained. A LOT!!

The rain didn't bother us much. We were thrilled to be seeing such beauty!

I thought these looked like toad creatures. I'm not sure what they are from. Do you know?

The mossy tree branches were enchanting.

Thank goodness for camp fires!

This is a photo of us in front of a huge, I mean HUGE cedar tree in the Olympic National Forest.

And then we reached the Pacific Northwest Coast!!!!! WE had sooooo much fun there!

This is a happy face.

This is a playful man.

I think we took nearly 10,000 photos all together. It will take some time to weed through them and put some kind of book or album together. For now, I will continue to post some on my blog. Please leave your comments. I would love to hear from you!


Dawn said...

gorgeous!!! I SO DEARLY want to visit the Pacific NW. The pictures I get would alone be worth it. It looked like an amazing time!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures! That tree is enormous!!!! And those formations could be the beginnings of a story! Thanks for sharing!


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