Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hello All,
Do you ever look back on something you wrote or created and realize it wasn't so bad after all? That happened to me today. I looked at some newsletters I wrote in 2005 for my Yahoo Group called Creative Intentions. In 2005, I had a lot going on. I was working, planning a wedding, in graduate school, and training with Eric Maisel to become a creativity coach. I was doing a lot of reading and writing, too. From January-December 2005, I posted a monthly newsletter to Creative Intentions. Five years later, as I reread these newsletters, I realize the information is good, timely, and important to apply to myself. I think it might once again be helpful to share them with you, too. Instead of posting them once per month, I will post the information once per week, for twelve weeks. You can check back each Monday for a new Creative Intentions post. I invite you to share your stories in the blog comments, and link to your blogs and etsy shops. Creativity is within us all, and we need to see what others are doing, as well as what can come from ourselves.
Smiles and Peace to you,


Lynn Fisher said...

I hope I get a chance to peek back in on this...sounds very fun...and I love everything in your Etsy shop!!!

Briana said...

Thanks, Lynn. Your supportive comments mean a lot!!


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