Monday, November 3, 2008


Today is November 3rd and it was nearly 70 degrees and sunny!  I just love days like this.  I sat outside and wrote thank you notes to friends and family who were so kind in remembering my recent birthday.  I feel very grateful for all of my friends and family.  It is easy to focus on the negative things that might be happening, until one day, something wakes you up enough to realize that life isn't so bad.  There is so much beauty surrounding us all;  if we are able to see it.  I am going to work on telling the people in my life how much I appreciate and love them.  I don't think anyone can hear enough kind words.  It is especially important to tell those who are closest to us, i.e. spouses, partners, best friends, that we love them.  It is so easy to forget the extreme impact an "I love you" can have on someone's day.  Also, I am going to work on really hearing it when someone close to me says, "I love you".  I need to pay attention to the meaning of those words and appreciate that they are being told to me.
I was reading Marriage Magazine today.  It got me thinking about relationships and how much I enjoy learning healthy relationship skills.  Now I just need to put them into practice at a greater frequency.  

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