Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted

Today I got up at my regular time (4:50am), but I didn't leave for work at my regular time (5:50am).  I waited around until 6:50am so that I could go cast my vote at the polls!  I voted, and it felt good.  My line wasn't too terribly long.  They had people check in to be sure they were at the correct polling location.  Then they sent people back into the line where they were.  This was before the doors opened.  Once the doors opened, I went to the table for my last name.  I signed my name.  I went to another table where they showed me how to fill in a bubble correctly. Finally, I was given my paper ballot.  I contemplated leaving some of the Judicial seats blank, but since most didn't even have incumbents, I filled in the bubbles.  I think I did alright.  At least I got to put my ballot through the machine and get a red circular sticker that stated, "I Voted".
At work, our students voted.  There were 13 votes for Barack Obama and 1 vote for John McCain. If only children could have their votes counted, eh?!
Well, I am worn out.  Hope you are all well.  Good night.

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